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THE PASSAGE is an interactive minting experience where the audience’s journey and choices affect the traits and design of your generative tokenA collaborative and intimate experience between the artist, collector and the work.

It is designed to create an intimate connection between the collector and the generative artist where the creation becomes a collaborative effort, a shared experience. Each mint will reveal directly on fx(hash).

We take culture and artists seriously and are curious what virtual experiences can do

We create immersive experiences on the blockchain

We create community spaces and events for artists, collectors and events.



These highly acclaimed experiences work hand in hand with the artist, drawing from their work to build an immersive world around it. The process has created a new dimension to the audience/viewing landscape; the original pieces are then sold inside the experience.

It is an exploration into the new world of the art. This is not a just a gallery, this is a sensory experience, unlike anything, we create completely custom made experiences- featuring artists like Sutu, Rubenfro, Tim Maxwell, Shvembldr, Mactuitui, Jenni Pasanen and The Giant Swan.


Our galleries (currently on oncyber) are places for our community to come together, share ideas, curate shows, and have virtual meetups

We want every H&N community member to be able to curate their own space and to connect everyone through them.

Make sure you catch our popular Art Tours that happen every two weeks and our weekly parties in our Black Box Gallery (coming soon)