The Passage powered by fx(hash)


Powered by fx(hash)

The PASSAGE is a long term project by HERE & NOW dedicated to evolving the minting experience in unexpected ways with extraordinary artists and minted to fx(hash).

Each experience will evolve as we study the idea of personalised journeys that alter and shape your generative tokens and eventually experiences.

Our first drop is ‘THE PASSAGE: PITCH DROP’ .

LAUNCHING MARCH 20th (updated date due to fx(params) delay)


Ivona Tau | Jeres | 1mposter | Aleksandra Jovanić | Kesean | Karan4d | Victor Doval
Sasha Stiles | Daeinc | Sam Tsao |  Jimena Buena Vida | William Watkins
Curated by Chris Ostoich

To participate you’ll need a ‘COIN’ that allows you to mint one piece of generative art from one of the featured artists, the more coins you have the more art you can mint.

Who will you get? well, that depends on the journey you make.


Each COIN (a generative collection by Liam Egan) enables you to enter THE PASSAGE and MINT  1x GENERATIVE ART.
The more coins you have the more art you can mint.

Inside the experience, each choice you make has consequence, whether it is choosing a door to go through, the objects you interact with, or even the time you spend in a particular space.
How do you know which artist you’ll get? You don’t, your journey will shape that.

Take your time, take it in. There is no wrong path or choice.
At the end of the experience your generative art will be minted and airdropped to your wallet.

If you have multiple coins and you’re observant, you’ll be able to make sure you don’t get the same artist twice.


A ‘Portal’ gives lifetime access to all future PASSAGE experiences.
Generative ‘Portals’ created by Liam Egan

If you have three coins you can claim a portal. We will have a big burn event AFTER The Passage closes so sit tight on those coins till then.

At HERE & NOW, we are committed to delivering groundbreaking minting experiences with exceptional artists. Our eco-system continually evolves with our curated artists and collaborations, ensuring that each Passage experience is unique and bold.


  • An opportunity to reserve a mint for each drop.
  • Dedicated Discord channel on the HERE & NOW server
  • Exclusive Art tours and discussions with artists and thought leaders in the space.
  • Exclusive access to our PASSAGE gallery on oncyber to hold your own events or curations.
  • Access to any IRL Minting Experiences in the future, including a reserved drop.


  • More than 1 Portal maybe claimed if you have enough COINS to burn
  • Total Cap: 1160 (if everyone bought 3 tokens each which is unlikely)
  • 100 Portals reserved for a H&N cross chain project  (to further the concept and reach)
  • 20 Portals reserved for ‘The Pitch Drop’ artists, team and curators



This is only the introduction scene for THE PASSAGE.
If you would like to enjoy the full minting experience launching on the 20th, then please purchase a coin or coins for multiple mints.

  • Close all your tabs and programs for a smoother experience
  • Wear headphones
  • Press ‘F’ for Full Screen
  • File Size: 70mb
  • Not compatible with mobile phones


Experiences are currently only available on desktop browsers