the halo gallery

A weekly curated gallery showcasing available 1/1’s till the end of July
Week  2: Curated by Dina Chang
This is a desktop experience, and wont work on mobile



  1. You can adjust quality settings by hitting 1,2 or 3 on your keyboard
  2. Close all programs and other tabs
  3. Press F for Full Screen
  4. Not for Mobile. 
  5. Use Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Edge (not safari)

You need to click on the game window for the cursor to be hijacked by the game. If you want it back, press ESC

If your mouse is sensitive try to change your mouse settings on your PC

Make sure you have your pop ups enabled on your browser

Each edition an entry token is sold for numerous events that run for a couple months. Follow @wideawakebeets or our discord for more info

HERE & NOW has been creating innovative experiences for over a year in web3. Led by award- winning immersive director Beets, they have proven themselves to be a team willing to take risks and deliver innovative experiences. 

Producer / Director:Michael Beets
3D Modelling:George Bullen
Music / Sound Design:Aston Archer
Trailers / Copy / Messaging / Support Animal: OpticNerd